Interested in knowing how we handle your engine?

The Rebuilding Process

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First, we take it apart. This might sound easy, but careful disassembly is important for good results in the end. We inspect carefully to determine failure points in order to ensure that the final product is strengthened in those weak areas.

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Washing & Cleaning

Parts must be thoroughly cleaned and stripped of any old gasket material or sealers.

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Inspection & Machining

Accurate measurements and careful inspection ensure parts meet OEM specification. Where necessary, components are machined to bring that back into tolerance.

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Meticulous reassembly procedures ensure smooth startup. OEM specifications are used for part fitment procedures and proper fastener torque.

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When possible, completed engines are tested on a dynamometer to verify power output and begin the break-in process.

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The finished engine is palletized and prepared for shipping. The pallet or crate used for shipping is designed to be reused for the core return.

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