Cummins ISX/QSX 24 Valve Cylinder Head Dual Overhead Cam – SOHC

Part numbers 4298237, 3688754

This remanufactured head has all new ICONEL valves, guides, springs, seals, injector cups and camshaft bearings. Our machinists are AERA certified.

ICONEL valves are made of a special alloy that is highly resistant to chordal failure and high-heat wear.

Our remanufacturing process includes bake-and-blast casting preparation. The cylinder head remanufacturing process includes magnafluxing to detect cracks. We then pressure test the castings to ensure there are no invisible cracks.

The new parts are installed and the seats are cut to the factory specification.

All components are brought into rigid factory specification. We then final surface the head with a CBN cutting system.

New cam bushings are installed, and the head is painted.

It is then packaged and prepared for shipment.

There is a $1000 core charged assessed at the time of purchase which will be refunded when a rebuildable core is returned.

We ship nationwide for very reasonable rates.

To order or for more info, give us a call!